Our Services

Self-service laundry:
- Open 7 Days a week from 7am to 10pm for your convenience
- 100% Organic cleaning service - Natural Garment CareTM
- Express Shirts service - Drop before noon and pick up clean shirts next day!
- 46 washers and 53dryers in roomy 3500sq facility
- Full time staff all times for any assistance
- Plenty of parking space - exclusive parking space for laundromat and over 400 parking space at the mall.
- Fabric care products - dergents and softners - on premises
- Shop while you wash! ACME, Dunkin Donuts, Liquor store, Chinese restaurant, Subways, US Post office, under fully enclosed mall

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Wash and Fold Droff-Off Service :
Drop off your clothes and pick up fluffy fresh layers of laundry done to perfection, folded, stacked and bagged for your convenience. We offer a convenient wash and fold service where your clothes will be sorted according to temperature settings. Allergen-free, ECOS and Oxi-clean non-chlorine bleach is available on request.

We separate your laundry into white, colored, and dark laundry. We wash the whites in hot water with bleach and concentrated detergent to make your laundry as white as possible. The colored laundry is washed with a color safe detergent in warm water to preserve the original colors. The dark laundry is washed in cold water with a color safe detergent. All spots are pre-treated with a spotting agent. All laundry are dried according to the manufacturers labeling. Shirts are either folded or hung on hangers while all other laundry are folded. All socks are paired. For customers who have special needs we can use a customer's soap on request. We can also hang your wet laundry to dry upon request.

Shirts laundry:
Don't spend your prestigious time for your shirts laundry.
Just Drop off your shirts before noon daily and pick them up next day! Your shirts will be cleaned spotlessly and pressed professionally.
We strive to make you look your best! We guarantee a ready-to-wear shirt with clean, crisp collars & cuffs, and a professional finish that will make you look and feel your best. Shirts can be starched to your personal preference-Light, Medium or Heavy startch or No starch.
Your shirts will be ready on the hangers or in a box for your travel needs. (Please ask for Boxed service.)

Professional Organic Natural cleaning - alternative to traditional dry cleaning:

When putting traditionally dry cleaned clothes, have you ever noticed that typical gasoline-like sweet odor? It is not enough to bother many people, and most become accustomed to the smell after just a few minutes. However, this smell is a toxic chemical gas – and the clothing you are wearing lies on your skin, an organ that readily absorbs substances in close proximity. (Read more...)

We provide a full range of fine cleaning and fabric care services with environmentally friendly natural cleaning process with the state-of-the-art fabric care techniques from our dry cleaning facility. We will go the extra mile to take care of your clothing. The bottom line is that your favroite clothes and your look will be always great and last longer with our professional care.

Textile fabrics are an excellent breeding surface for bacteria and microorganisms to grow. It is therefore very important to consider sanitizing or even disinfecting linens to control the infections and viruses that could occur. Clean looking linens without stains are no assurance of hygienically clean fabrics. Good sound laundry formulations should kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Our special Wet Cleaning process with advanced latest equipment that leaves your bedding & Laundry with a fresh scent and, most importantly, truly Hygenically clean. The bottom line is that your favroite clothes andyour look will be always great and last longer with our cleaning service and care

Our washers:

Our brand new Huebsch washer is the most advanced washer available in the market.

- Maximum water extraction spin upto 200G-Force, your clothes come out of the wash damp, not wet and you spend less money and drying time.
- With every wash cycle determines the weight of the laundry and adds perfect amount of water for the best clean wash result.
- Eight wash cycle selections for different fabrics provide the best wash condition.
- Just add 0.50cent, you can have extra full wash cycle or rinse cycle especially for baby clothes or individuals with sensitive skin.
- Fill-and-forget dispenser let all chemicals at once so, you never forget to add bleach mid-cycle.

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